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Danielle Shkop

We are so thrilled to have Danielle Shkop be joining us at Gvanim for the 2nd time (in person, 3rd time counting 2020's virtual Gvanim!). Danielle is joining us from Tel Aviv, and brings a wealth of knowledge and energy for Israeli Dance. She is the choreographer of Haboker Ya'ale. She can't wait to #SeeyouatGvanim!

Chen Shporen


Chen Schporen is joining us for his THIRTEENTH CAMP at Gvanim! Chen is such an important part of the heart of Gvanim, bringing his laughs, energy, and shenanigans accross the dance floor. His dances range from Shluk Miketzev and Pri Pa Pa to Torero, Chihuaha,Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and more. Chen always brings us his laughs, his energy. We're excited to dance with him this year at Gvanim! 

Michael Barzelai

We're so excited to be joined by Michael Barzelai for another year at Gvanim. Michael has such a wide range of dances (many of which premiered at Gvanim!), including La Trompeta, Normali, Betoch Niyar Iton, Aneni, Ana Aref, Ad HaMidbar, and more. He brings so much creativity, knowledge, and expertise - we can't wait to see him this year at Gvanim!

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